What can we say? We like good wine, good food and we like having a good time! Can you think of any better reason to get into the wine business? And who better to name the wine after than the kids? Combine it all and you get Jake-Ryan Cellars. Austin Jake and Colby Ryan are the namesakes – the son’s of Jason Benge, who founded Jake-Ryan Cellars along with good friend Traci Seville. We enlisted another good friend Jeff Fontanella, our “rock-star” winemaker, to craft some interesting, varietally expressive wines that we know you’re going to enjoy as much as we do. Our philosophy is simple — life is short so enjoy it while you can, but make sure it includes some great meals, great friends and great wines!!! Have fun drinking Jake-Ryan, drink responsibly, and make sure you share your Jake-Ryan stories and pictures with us.



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